About Jerusalem Cuisine

Our story

Our journey goes back to that fateful day in the back of an ordinary cab where something extraordinary was born the idea that is Jerusalem Cuisine! We started off in Har Nof, and slowly made our rounds through Bayit VeGan and even to Talpiot, growing and constantly connecting with the people who would become our valued customers.

In 2007, we decided that it was time to move on to a new era and to begin catering for Pesach. At the time, business was booming, and we were pumping out roughly 3,000 meals a day. This was the next big step.

About 6 years ago, we made a decision to cut everything out and take the time to focus more on providing the excellent service and quality cuisine that our customers have come to love and expect from a Jerusalem Cuisine Pesach.

Now, over 21 years from that first momentous day,we still think twice before entering a taxi because you never know when life’s next opportunity will come your way!


Our approach

We at Jerusalem Cuisine like to do things right. In an age of impersonal interactions buttressed by online orders, we still value the personal touch. To that end, although we welcome orders through email and via fax, we look forward the most to hearing you on the phone!

We cater mostly to English Speakers.

We are thrilled to inform the public that, after a few years off the market, renowned chef Devorah Shechter has agreed to allow Jerusalem Cuisine to market her famous Carrot Souffle and her delicious Vegetarian Chopped Liver, just to name a few of her amazing products.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment must be in time of placing the order.
    You can pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only), cheque, or bank transfer.
  2. The free delivery that is offered for orders over 980NIS in Jerusalem and surrounding areas including beit shemesh, is only on the day and time that we are delivering to your area. A delivery charge will apply to your order if you require a different day, or time.
  3. Cancellation of your order in relation to Pesach must not be less then 21 days before Pesach. No refund will be given after the 18th March 2020. All Cancellations MUST be sent by email or fax.
  4. Jerusalem Cuisine Limited cannot be held responsible or liable (including giving refunds) if we are unable to deliver your order due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Including manmade or acts of G-d.
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